405 and CORS errors



I’m still using the legacy console, but I’m getting an issue where old users who have not logged out in awhile are getting what I think is a CORS error. I get 405 method not allowed. This is strange because users who have never logged in don’t have any problem, nor do users just logging in. Only old users who haven’t logged out in awhile. Also if the old users refresh the page it works, but only on that page.

Does anyone have any suggestion about this? I saw this blog which would fix the issue, but I can’t set that for the backend as a service. I’m going to migrate to Prisma soon, but wanted to wait till the cloud was out. I just pushed my site out last night so any help on this would be greatly appreciated!


Ugh sorry to waste everyone’s time I had an extension in Chrome which was causing CORS settings to be modified. Spent a stressful hour researching this problem (: Thank you for anyone that looked and sorry for the false alarm!