504 - Time outs



Seeing an increase in the number of 504 time out responses from a simple un-permissioned query against the Simple API endpoint. Started to see degraded performance as of a few days ago.


Seeing this as well. Have reached out to support.


Still happening frequently today.

Suck at a point where if paying would help, I would pay (we’re a big company about to migrate on, so that’s always been the plan), but I won’t pay because of the lack of acknowledgement is making me worried about the migration. Same thing with support. Says ‘answers usually in minutes’, still have unseen requests days later. I get that free support isn’t a huge priority but does that get better with a paid plan?


@Graphcool liked my tweet about the issue and gave no additional details so :man_shrugging:

Hopefully that means they are working on it.


Thanks for your feedback, @magus and @Aubron.
Depending on server load, queries may timeout and result in a 504 at times. We are currently improving stability and performance of Graphcool Cloud to alleviate this phenomenon.

You might be interested in getting a private Graphcool Framework cluster: https://www.graph.cool/cloud/
Also, you might be interested in Prisma: https://www.prismagraphql.com/

Here’s a comparison of Prisma and Graphcool Framework: Graphcool Framework and Prisma

Hope that helps!


So, to be clear, there is no increased SLA on the paid plans for any tiers of Shared Clusters, only the private cluster and/or self deployment options, yes?

Sounds like Prisma Cloud is our ideal solution when that comes out, we’re migrating from Docker cloud anyway. Thanks for your help.