Any ETA on Auth0 RS256 support?



We have a real showstopper with the non support of RS256 tokens of auth0. This problem was reported in the github long ago.

We are trying to use some passwordless login which is done via the auth0 API - the API as opposed to the lock widget for example where it can be configured to use HS256, DOES NOT SUPPORT other encoding then RS256.

So this is a real problem and a real blocker. There is no option for us to create a User in graphcool with the token we receive from auth0.

Any help?

By the way…looking at the auth0 templates here…

if (decoded.header.alg !== ‘RS256’) {
** throw new Error(**
** Wrong signature algorithm, expected RS256, got ${decoded.header.alg}**
** )**
** }**

It seems this issue is already handled in that code - so why isn’t it happening in production of graphcool