Blog post explaining graphcool services, prisma etc...?


Would be nice if Graphcool could publish an article about current development path and clarifying their products. I noticed there are several threads on github and the forum with people being confused. The more I read these, the more confused I get.
I’ve been learning graphcool for a week now and I’m very excited about it. At the same time I’m also very confused about the different cli’s that are popping up now. Also, is the cloud service going to be continued in the future? I’m using graphcool-framework cli right now with the cloud service. From what I’ve read so far, maybe it’s better to shift to prisma, and host my own graphqlserver in the cloud? Although I’d rather stick with the graphcool cloud service instead of having to maintain a graphql server myself.


Thanks for the suggestion, that’s a great idea! :slight_smile:

Here’s a summary:

  • The Graphcool Framework is a all-in-one framework that combines a GraphQL query engine (now called Prisma), serverless functions and managed hosting (Graphcool Cloud).

  • Prisma is a major rewrite of the query engine. You can think of Prisma as the query engine powering the Graphcool Framework.

  • Today Prisma can be used stand alone as a GraphQL database layer in combination with GraphQL Bindings. Later we will change the Graphcool Framework to use Prisma as the query engine.

  • In short - if you like the features of Graphcool Framework, you can keep using it like nothing changed.

  • If you like to stay at the forefront of GraphQL, then check out GraphQL bindings and consider using it together with Prisma.


Thanks for clarifying.
This screenshot suggests that there’s also going to be a Prisma Cloud.
Is this going to replace the current Graphcool service or will it only be database API service?
If so, will there be a migration path to Prisma Cloud?
Will I need to set up a new account for Prisma Cloud?
Can we also build resolvers/ serverless functions with Prisma Cloud?



I feel that your questions are covered in this thread: Graphcool Framework and Prisma

Please do join that discussion if you have further questions. Thanks :raised_hands: