Boilerplate error on endpoint: Schema must be an instance


I’m trying to get a boilerplate up and running locally but I’m getting a Error: Schema must be an instance of GraphQLSchema when I open playground and hit the graphql endpoint.

I’m just doing the following:

  • graphql create graphql-demo
  • Choose typescript-advanced (also tried node-advanced) boilerplate
  • cd graphql-demo
  • yarn start
  • yarn playground

The GraphQLServer (from graphql-yoga) seems to be loading the typeDefs and resolvers just fine and graphql-cli is updated to 2.10.1. Anyone else having issues with new installs?


Hey @Christopher_Moore, this error typically indicates that something is mixed up with your local npm dependencies, so in the end two different graphql versions are being resolved.

Did you resolve this issue in the meanwhile? This issue might help you find out more.