Function view in web console loads forever


The view for my functions: never finishes loading. It’s been like this for days now. It is an ejected project, and I’m using v0.8.5 of graphcool.


This should be fixed by now.


All console views are very slow from time to time. I’m evaluating which route to choose for my next project. Cloud or self-hosted with prisma. As much as I like the idea of the graphcool cloud service, for now I just don’t trust it enough to use it in production. Also, graphcool isn’t communicating a clear timeline when the cloud service will be upgraded with the new prisma engine.


Hey @jingle, sorry to hear about your experience. Have you seen this thread? I hope it covers most of your questions. If not, feel free to add more questions in that thread :slight_smile:

As mentioned in that post, we’ll announce more information about a hosted Prisma service soon.

If you’re still experiencing problems in the Console, feel free to reach out to so we can take a look.