How to connect to existing mysql database without using docker



How to connect to existing mysql database (wordpress database) without using docker. I am planning to use prisma in one of my application with reactjs.

It would be great if anyone have working example how to connect to mysql database.


Wouldn’t you just download the mysql client and connect using something like:

mysql -u {username} -p{password} -h {remote server ip} {DB name}


Thanks for responding but this is not my question.

I want to ask how to connect with mysql database using prisma so that i can use graphql url in reactjs.


Best thing to do might be to create a cluster on Prisma Cloud and it will ask for your database details. It’s fairly easy.


That’s a great question. We’re currently researching ways to simplify Prisma deployment, maybe even without Docker.

I feel with solutions like Kubernetes and AWS Fargate, working with Docker containers has become easier than ever. We actually have tutorials to deploy Prisma with both, check them here.

May I ask why you want to avoid Docker after all?


I can’t speak to @abhishek_yadav, but in our case we are in an environment without Internet access, and need to deploy to a Windows 2008 R2 server. So Docker isn’t supported on the server, and unfortunately we can’t use the cloud solution. But having the creation of the schema and resolvers is really a killer feature.


Nowadays for beeing able to deploy to now 2.0…


I think because we are

  • under development: Let’s say I am using XAMPP on windows, and start MySQL@3306, now I have NodeJS with Prisma installed, how to connect Prisma to MySQL?
  • Now my company is so stubborn and old-school that they have an existing MySQL Production server running nicely, and I want to use this server with Prisma, at present are there any way to do so?

This is the exact situation I am facing right now. :smiley:

So are there any way that we can use Prisma to connect to MySQL database without using Docker?

Thank you very much.