Playground left side menu


Hi, I’m following the react-apollo tutorial ( When I successfully open the Graphcool Playground on localhost, I don’t see any left side menu as on the tutorial screenshots.

Here is my playground:


Hey @theLastNail!

How exactly did you open the Playground? If you’re running yarn dev instead of yarn start, it should open the Playground including the side-menu where you can choose between the Prisma API and the actual GraphQL API of the Yoga server.

The idea behind hiding the Prisma API when running yarn start is for security concerns. Only in dev mode you should be able to run queries/mutations against the Prisma API since it exposes read/write-access to all your data!

Please let me know if you used yarn dev or yarn start. If you indeed already used yarn dev, we’ll have to debug further!



Yes, it works with yarn dev. Thank you!