PostgreSQL support in Prisma Cloud?



Hi, does Prisma Cloud currently support PostgreSQL? I am able to connect to my own hosted PostgreSQL database (AWS) via docker compose / prisma deploy but when I try creating a hosted Prisma Cloud server by adding my database details I keep getting an error saying

Error while testing database connection: Network error: Failed to fetch

Unfortunately, no additional details are provided. Thanks in advance!


Not sure if this is related, but in developer tools console log, I’m seeing these errors when I try to submit via Prisma Console -> Create New Server:


There are a couple of aspects to this question, let me lay them out for you :slight_smile:

  1. We changed the offering around hosting Prisma in Prisma Cloud. The UI dialog you shared is only available to older workspaces - in that old dialog, only MySQL databases can be connected to the Prisma server.
  2. We designed and onboarded the first customers for an individual “Prisma Serverless Hosting” offering which replaces the old workflow. You can learn more about that here. As part of that offer, we can also host Prisma with Postgres.
  3. We are currently adding an entirely new workflow to Prisma Cloud which let’s you easily host Prisma + database elsewhere (such as Heroku, Digital Ocean, AWS, GCP, …). In that workflow, you will be able to set up both MySQL and Postgres databases at “external” providers.

Hope that clears up your questions! :slight_smile:


Thanks, @nilan - when do you anticipate option #3 will be available?