What is the "Target name" while exporting data from legacy console projects?



I only see a project.graphcool file in my project.

When I try

graphcool-framework export -e export.zip
what should be my target name? Is there any way I can find it or read more about it. Please direct.


Targets are listed in your .graphcoolrc file. This is an example .graphcoolrc file:

  prod: shared-eu-west-1/cjegxbiu45cjd1234l12rvqva
  default: prod

This file states the target prod and makes it also the default target.

For all graphcool that have a target parameter, if you don’t state a target, the default target is used.


I’m not sure what’s wrong with my project. I don’t see a .graphcoolrc file. Please see the image below

I’m not sure whether I missed any important step. But I have been successfully passing queries and mutations.


It looks like you are running on an older graphcool CLI version. The export feature has been added in a recent version, and works together with a .graphcoolrc.

Note that you can download the CLI, create the .graphcoolrc and export the data, all without touching your project at all.