Who is coming to GraphQL Europe in Berlin?


I’m thinking about coming to GraphQL Europe conference in June.

Who of you guys is coming?

Would be really curious to meet the team & community people in person.


Me (and the entire Graphcool team) will be there!

Looking forward to seeing you there! :wave:


I may be up to it!

I’m really enjoying learning GraphQL and it would be a great excuse to meet Berlin as well!


I will be there. It has been a great pleasure and a fantastic learning experience to be part of the GraphQL community and I would love to attend the event and learn more :slight_smile:

Visa and flight tickets are still pending though. I think I can start the process 3 months before the date :slight_smile:


Would be great to have you with us @mrtaufner :raised_hands:


Let us know if we can be of any help getting the visa processed!


I’m coming too. Looking forward to meet you guys! :slight_smile:


Looking forward to it, flights, hotel and tickets booked!


Thinking about going as well. Just waiting for the thumbs up from the higher ups…