Prisma Admin

Prisma Admin is the database GUI for developers. Create views for your database, read and write data with the ease of a spreadsheet or develop custom, UI-based data workflows.

The beta of Prisma Admin is now available!
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Beautiful data
management workflows

Prisma Admin is the ultimate tool for developers, customer support and anybody else interacting with your application data. Effortlessly query and modify data without fear of introducing inconsistencies.

Beautiful data management

Work directly with your application data in a beautiful editor that is as easy to use as a spreadsheet.

Intuitive workflows

Create and store custom views for common tasks. Easily update multiple rows in a single transaction and explore related data in the intuitive side pane.

Use GraphQL to read and write data

Prisma Admin use GraphQL as the query language, giving you the full power of Prisma. Use nested queries to display all related data in a single view.

Extensible & plugin-based

Add custom functionality by plugging in custom react components. Link directly to your customer support tool or perform admin tasks directly from the Prisma Admin UI.

The exciting future of Prisma Admin

Prisma Admin is already the best database UI available, but we are not stopping there. Over time it will become an open platform enabling you to easily create custom admin interfaces for everything from small apps to large enterprise systems.