Prisma 1 Cloud

One tool for your entire team to work with Prisma 1. Manage deployments and securely access data in the databrowser. Login to Prisma 1 Cloud.

Prisma Cloud only supports Prisma 1, which is not under active development. Prisma 2 no longer requires a separate server and is recommended.

Upgrade to Prisma 2


A fully featured databrowser enables your teams to work directly with application data, reducing the need for special admin apps.

  • Quickly search accross all your data
  • Edit data directly in the databrowser

Metrics Dashboard

Understand how your databases are performing by looking at performance metrics. Understand how your application is used over time by looking at historic request counts.

  • Investigate the root cause of a performance problem
  • Keep track of changing usage patterns

Deployment History

Stay on top of changes introduced to your datamodel with a full history of all changes made by any team member.

  • Inspect changes made by any team member
  • Compare schema versions visually

What is Prisma 1 Cloud?

With Prisma 1 Cloud you can manage all the workflows in your team around Prisma 1. Connect your Prisma 1 Server to Prisma 1 Cloud to collaborate with your team, review deployments and securely access data in the databrowser.

How can I deploy a Prisma 1 Server?

You can deploy Prisma 1 using Kubernetes and all major public clouds.