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What is the Data Platform?

Prisma ORM makes it simple for TypeScript and Node.js developers to read and write data to databases. The Prisma Data Platform brings this functionality together with a suite of features that simplify using it in production, particularly in serverless and edge environments.

Serverless Data PROXY

Set up connection pooling across any kind of infrastructure in minutes

The Prisma Data Platform features a Data Proxy, which provides persistent, reliable, and scalable connection pooling for your databases. Prevent reliability and performance issues that can emerge particularly with serverless workloads without having to operate and maintain infrastructure.

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Connect to cloud, serverless, or edge environments

Choose the right technologies for your stack. The Data Proxy can be used across any kind of infrastructure, and supports most popular databases.

Set up in minutes — leave the operations to us

Configure your proxy in the Prisma Data Platform. It will generate a connection string that you can plug into your applications.

Ensure a reliable connection

Avoid exhausting your database connections, cold starts in your serverless functions, or spending more money than you need to scale up your connections.

Improve productivity for you and your entire team

The Prisma Data Platform provides a tabular interface for navigating, editing, and querying data with methods that are familiar to developer teams.

Manage and verify your application data in the cloud

Use one interface across your team to navigate, filter, and edit your database using the Data Browser. You can access and navigate related data from both sides of the relation.

Test and troubleshoot queries with less work

Use the Query Console to test your Prisma queries without running them in your code locally. Aggregate data, execute advanced data operations, and save queries for reuse later.


Ensure reliable and secure access

Team leaders will appreciate better security and collaboration workflows.

Set your team up for secure collaboration

Ensure that your teams can safely work with your organization's data. Set up role-based access control across your projects for Admins, Collaborators, Developers, and Viewers.

Reduce security risks for your organization

Connect your databases to the Prisma Data Platform securely while keeping them protected from the public internet. The platform will connect to your database using a set of static IP addresses that you can set up on an allow-list.

“When looking for an external connection pooler at AntStack we naturally gravitated towards Prisma's Data Proxy: it was very simple to use and it allowed us to immediately address scaling issues.”

Ankit Aabad
Ankit Aabad
Member of Technical Staff at Antstack


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