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Connection pooling with the Prisma Data Proxy

Don’t worry about managing and scaling your connection pool in your serverless applications: let Prisma handle that for you.

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Prisma Data Platform Connection Pooling
Prisma Data Platform Filters

Collaborate using an elegant Data Browser

Manage and verify your application data in the cloud. Invite your colleagues and collaborate with appropriate permissions.

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Test run your Prisma queries in the Query Console

Test and troubleshoot Prisma queries directly from your browser, with the awesome auto-completion offered by Prisma Client.

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Prisma Data Platform Query Console

Help us shape the future

We are excited to share where the Prisma Data Platform is
headed, and we would love your input to contribute to its future.

Preview deployments lack their own database

We want the Prisma Data Platform to automate the provisioning of databases for preview deployments so that you can focus on building your app instead of fiddling with infrastructure.

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Coordinating data changes across datasources gives headaches.

We want to extend the Prisma schema to enable declaring how to propagate data changes from a source to a destination, and let the Prisma Data Platform do the heavy-lifting.

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