June 15 - 16  |  Berlin & Online

Prisma Day is a two-day hybrid event of talks and workshops about modern application development and databases.
Join us for a not-so-traditional conference celebration!

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Our line-up of speakers with more to be
revealed soon

Aleksandra Sikora

Lead Blitz.js Maintainer

Aleksandra is a full-stack developer passionate about TypeScript, web technologies and databases. She was previously a tech lead for the Hasura Console, and now she's a lead maintainer of Blitz.js.

Amy Dutton

Director of Design @ ZEAL

Amy loves using her 20 years of internet experience to teach developers how to design, and designers how to develop. She lives in Nashville, TN USA with her husband, 3 adorable kids, and 2 dogs.

Delba de Oliveira

Developer Advocate @ Vercel

Delba is interested in helping developers build great web applications. She’s a hobbyist videographer and Senior Developer Advocate at Vercel; where she creates educational content by combining her love for video and code.

Hassan Bazzi

Cofounder of

Hassan is a people-oriented engineering leader. He builds teams with a core DNA of compassion and autonomy, and loves to code in all parts of the stack. Passionate about space, nature, and philosophy.

Jesse Hall

Senior Developer Advocate @ MongoDB

Jesse Hall, aka codeSTACKr, is a full-stack, self-taught developer with a passion to educate others about all things coding related. His favorite topics are JavaScript, React, CSS, and of course MongoDB.

Josh Goldberg

Open Source Developer

Josh is an open source developer from New York with passion for accessibility and static analysis. He works in the TypeScript ecosystem and published a Learning TypeScript book with O'Reilly.

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James June Sommergarten

For our in-person attendees, Prisma Day will be held at the James June Sommergarten in Berlin, a beautiful, lush outdoor setting where we can soak up the sun — and new ideas.

Join us on Prisma Day!

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