Prisma day 2022June 15 - 16  |  Berlin & Online

Thank you for attending Prisma Day 2022! Recordings from our events are now available. Feel free to rewatch, relearn, and re-enjoy!

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Conference Talks & Workshops

  • Søren Bramer Schmidt
    Søren Bramer Schmidt



  • Delba de Oliveira
    Delba de Oliveira

    Developer Advocate


    From table to pixel. The journey of your data with React, Next.js, and Prisma

    React is changing the way we think about routing, rendering, and fetching in web applications. Features like React Server Components and Suspense can give us more granular control of when and where to fetch and render content for our routes. In this talk, we’ll explore how everything connects; and how React, Next.js, and Prisma makes it easier to manage the journey of your data, from table to pixel in just one repo.

  • Jesse Hall
    Jesse Hall

    Senior Developer Advocate


    Think like a document - Structuring data in documents vs tables

    Structuring data as normalized is the standard for relational databases. But who wants to be normal?? Let’s de-normalize our data, put it in documents, and get lightning fast reads in our applications! In this talk, you’ll learn different methods of storing data in a document database like MongoDB. There are tradeoffs between normalization and denormalization. One will give you faster reads but slower writes, and the other will get you slower reads and faster writes. Which is right for you? By the end of this talk, you’ll know!

  • Michael Hayes
    Michael Hayes

    Staff Engineer

    The Trade Desk

    Pothos + Prisma: Delightful, type-safe, and efficient GraphQL

    Learn how Pothos and Prisma can create a delightful developer experience for building type-safe GraphQL APIs with great performance and type-safety without sacrificing flexibility and control over your API, or closely coupling your API to your database schema.

  • Hassan Bazzi
    Hassan Bazzi


    Serverless heaven

    Together, we will dive into how we've used serverless technologies at Nuna to scale infinitely. We use the power of Prisma Data Proxy to talk to our serverless MongoDB database through our serverless NextJS API. And if our small team can do it, so can you!

  • Olivier Falardeau
    Olivier Falardeau

    Head of Engineering


    Using Prisma to connect any Canadian household to the Internet

    The fixed-line Internet landscape in Canada is... not optimal. Competition is scarce, prices are high for average speeds and the NPS score in the industry is embarrassing. Now, what if I told you that modern web technologies, like GraphQL, Prisma, TypeScript, and a handful of developers can be a game-changer in this dreaded sector?

  • Josh Goldberg
    Josh Goldberg

    Open Source Developer

    Adventures in type safe Prisma Clients

    Prisma generates fantastic TypeScript types for clients. They include type system features such as conditional and mapped types to give precise types for the results of client method calls. This talk will cover how those foundational types work in TypeScript and the ways Prisma uses them. We'll also cover how to use them to extend Prisma's types for wrapper functions and other shenanigans I've seen consumers of Prisma need.

  • Nilufar Bava
    Nilufar Bava

    Web Developer


    Lucy Keer
    Lucy Keer

    Technical Writer


    How we make Prisma Docs effective and engaging

    When Prisma releases new features, how do we make sure everyone can learn about them? In this talk, we’ll cover how Prisma’s docs and website teams work together with developers and the community to create our documentation.

  • Alberto Schiabel
    Alberto Schiabel

    Senior Software Engineer


    Things about Prisma VS Code extension that just make sense

  • Amy Dutton
    Amy Dutton

    Director of Design


    How Redwood and Prisma make frontend developers fullstack

    Backend technology is often elusive and an obstacle for frontend developers. The strategic pairing (Frontend to Fullstack), however, is where the magic happens. A solid backend makes the frontend “smart” and truly shine. Tooling, like Redwood and Prisma, helps developers leverage full-stack capabilities, allowing teams to build faster and more efficiently, connecting critical front and backend user experiences. “How to go Frontend to Fullstack with Redwood and Prisma” will demonstrate how critical backend technologies are approachable and easy to learn, even for frontend engineers. Developers knowledgeable in JavaScript already have everything they need to be successful. It’s simply a matter of putting the pieces together by leveraging the right tech and platform combinations. In preparation for this talk, I will create a demo with all the frontend code needed for a full-stack, web application. I will demonstrate how easy it is to build out the project and connect the backend layer, using tools like Redwood and Prisma.

  • Introducing Neon - the serverless Postgres built for the cloud

    Databases are foundational machinery in modern society. Mission-critical applications are built on Postgres and the Postgres community continues to strengthen Postgres to meet real-world demands. We believe Postgres will remain one of the most important (open-source) relational databases of our time. Neon is a serverless implementation of PostgreSQL. It’s an auto-scaling, on-demand database as a service for modern applications, making it a credible open-source alternative to Amazon Aurora. Neon’s key innovation is separation of storage and compute which makes Postgres cloud native and serverless. This allows for several advantages: Neon reduces the complexity involved in provisioning and managing database capacity, and scales up to support large databases or scales down when the database is not needed. Additionally, it allows efficient management of database resources.

  • Liz van Dijk
    Liz van Dijk

    Solution Architect


    Developer-owned databases: A new frontier?

    Developers don't always tend to have the healthiest relationship with their databases. Design choices that, early on, can feel unimportant, tend to grow into monstrous scalability challenges down the line, and entire families of technologies have sprung up around the ability to avoid ever having to make changes to an old, inefficiently designed schema. But why do we keep falling into the same traps, and how can we avoid them? This talk will cover some of the key points to pay attention to in early relational database design, share some war stories around scaling up, and arm you with the knowledge and tools to designing a database that will scale along with your application's success.

  • Aleksandra Sikora
    Aleksandra Sikora

    Lead Blitz.js Maintainer

    SQL tricks and concepts you didn't know about

    Did you know that some SQL variants are Turing complete and let you write any program in SQL? Of course, no one's that crazy... But what are the limits of SQL? What are some crazy things we can do with it? I'm going to go over a few of them in this talk. It won't be only fun stuff, though! I'm going to show some more practical but lesser-known concepts too. Let's discover some hidden SQL traits together!

  • Nikolas Burk
    Nikolas Burk

    Developer Advocate


    A glimpse into the future of Prisma

    Prisma has seen rapid adoption in the developer community! We are excited about this and want to continue building world-class developer tools that make it easier for developers to work with databases. In this talk, you will see what kind of features we have on the roadmap for 2022 and beyond.

  • Nikolas Burk
    Nikolas Burk

    Developer Advocate


    Introduction to Prisma

    Prisma is an open-source ORM for Node.js and TypeScript. In this workshop, you’ll learn the fundamentals of using Prisma and practice various workflows, from modelling data, to performing database migrations, to querying the database to read and write data. You’ll also learn how Prisma fits into your application stack by integrating in a REST and a GraphQL API using a SQLite database.

  • Alex Ruheni
    Alex Ruheni

    Developer Advocate


    Deep dive into database workflows with Prisma

    Prisma is an open-source ORM for Node.js and TypeScript. By the end of this workshop, you will learn how to work with features such as schema prototyping with Prisma Migrate, working with database native types, how to use Prisma Migrate in your development and CI/ CD environment, and build workflows using the-lesser-known features of Prisma Migrate.

  • Tasin Ishmam
    Tasin Ishmam

    Developer Advocate


    Let’s build a REST API with NestJS and Prisma!

    NestJS is one of the hottest Node.js frameworks around. In this workshop, you will learn how to build a backend REST API with NestJS, Prisma, PostgreSQL and Swagger.

  • Chance Strickland
    Chance Strickland

    Software Engineeer


    Update while you wait: Optimistic UI with Remix and Prisma

    Learn to build state-of-the-art, highly responsive user interfaces with Remix and Prisma. This workshop focuses on the pattern of optimistic updates, teaching you how to use the best of both tools to build interactions that feel instantaneous to users.At the end of this workshop, you’ll know how to:
    • Reduce latency and remove loading spinners for a snappier user experience
    • Use more advanced Remix tools like useFetcher
    • Gracefully handle errors
    • Optimize requests with Prisma’s functional API and Remix’s loaders and actions