Prisma Day 2021

Prisma Day

Prisma Day is two day event of talks and workshops by members of the Prisma community, on modern application development and databases. Prisma Day 2021 is taking place June 29-30th and is entirely online.

June 29-30Online OnlyJoin In

Celebrating the
Prisma Community

Featuring talks and speakers from across the Prisma Community, Prisma Day and the workshop day will be packed with interactive and educational experiences.

  • Learn about Prisma in your native language

    Check out one of the 11 introductory Prisma workshops in languages like Chinese, French, Spanish, Polish, Italian, etc.

    Full list of translated workshops  
  • Engage in a Q&A with speakers

    Dive deeper into talks and learn directly from top experts.

  • Learn more!

    Choose from a workshop on Prisma or on Prisma with your favorite framework from Introductory, Backend, and Community workshops on the 29th.

conference topics

    Modern Application Development

    From type safety and TypeScript, or GraphQL, or JAMStack and the latest Javascript Frameworks, get an overview of the evolving tool landscape that reshapes how applications are architected, built, and deployed.

    Database best practices

    A deeper dive into considerations when building stateful applications. Discover the key considerations that give you further control over getting the most out of your data.

    Prisma in Production

    Discover how users implement Prisma in the their critical applications and what Prisma has in store in the future.

Tuesday, June 29


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11:00 AM

Hyo Chan Jang
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02:00 PM

Nikolas Burk
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Coffee break
Ryan Chenkie + Lee Robinson
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Coffee break

Wednesday, June 30


Final Schedule coming soon. In the meantime check the amazing confirmed speakers and talks.

02:00 PM


Daniel Norman, Developer Advocate at Prisma

02:05 PM

Opening Keynote

Søren Bramer Schmidt, CEO at Prisma
Martina Welander, Education Engineer at Prisma
Nick Van Wiggeren, PlanetScale
Ricardo Almeida, Émile Fugulin and Vasil Popovski
Lasse Abelsen, Justin Joseph and Artur Mrozowski
Cassidy Williams, Netlify

05:02 PM

Events at Prisma

Natalia Woroniec, Prisma

07:06 PM

What's next for Prisma?

Hervé Labas, VP of Product at Prisma

08:05 PM

Closing Keynote

Daniel Norman

A great group of


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