Prisma Day

Prisma Day | June 26th
Prisma Day | June 26th
Prisma Day has passed! Prisma Day is a two day, community-focused online conference on modern application development and databases.

JUNE 25 / 26


A Day for the Prisma Community!

It's a packed event for devs seeking to understand how to best work with data in the modern application stack. But this conference is far more than just the talks!

  • Join the Prisma Showcase

    Lightning talks on the amazing tools and products being built by the Prisma Community!

  • Engage in a Q&A with speakers

    Dive deeper into talks and learn directly from top experts.

  • Learn more!

    Choose from a workshop on Prisma or on Prisma with GraphQL or Next for a detailed guide on Prisma usage.

Topics to be discussed

Modern Application Development

From type safety and TypeScript, or GraphQL, or JAMStack and the latest Javascript Frameworks, get an overview of the evolving tool landscape that reshapes how applications are architected, built, and deployed.

Database best practices

A deeper dive into considerations when building stateful application. Discover the key considerations that give you further control over getting the most out of your data.

The Prisma Ecosystem

From best practices to adoption strategies to Prisma in production environments, learn how Prisma supports developers throughout their development process.

June 25


Sign up in advance for the workshop you want to join!

A practical introduction to Prisma 2.0

nikoNikolas Burk, Developer Success @ Prisma
Coffee break

Building a type-safe GraphQL server with Nexus and Prisma

flavianFlavian Desverne, Software Engineer @ Prisma
Coffee break

Building static sites with Prisma and Next.js

leeLee Robinson, Software Engineer @ Hy-Vee

June 26


Great talks with interactive Q&A. No signup required!


danielDaniel Norman, Developer Advocate @ Prisma
sorenSøren Bramer Schmidt, Co-founder @ Prisma

Prisma 2.0: Productivity and Confidence for your database

nikoNikolas Burk, Developer Success @ Prisma

Happy Table Friends: Relations in Prisma

martinaMartina Welander, Education Engineer @Prisma
Coffee break

Welcome to Part 2

danielDaniel Norman, Developer Advocate @ Prisma

Data Discovery with Studio

sidSiddhant Sinha, Software Engineer @ Prisma

Showcase: Building a Calendar App with Prisma

warrenWarren Day, Full-Stack Developer

Serverless Prisma 2 with GCP Cloud Run

emileÉmile Fugulin, Full-Stack Developer
Coffee break

Welcome to Part 3

danielDaniel Norman, Developer Advocate @ Prisma

How Prisma Solves the N+1 Problem in GraphQL Resolvers

timTim Suchanek, Software Engineer @ Prisma

Showcase: Prisma Admin React Component

ahmedAhmed Elywa, Full-Stack Developer

Prisma VSCode Extension

carmenCarmen Brendt, Software Engineer @ Prisma

Type-Safety Beyond TypeScript

joelJoël Galeran, Software Engineer @ Prisma

Showcase: Accessing Databases using NestJS with Prisma

marcMarc Stammerjohan, Full Stack Developer
Coffee break

Welcome to Part 4

danielDaniel Norman, Developer Advocate @ Prisma

RedwoodJS: Bringing Full-Stack to the Jamstack

tomTom Preston-Werner, Founder @ Redwoodjs

Blitz: the Full-Stack React Framework

brandonBrandon Bayer, Creator of Blitz.js
Coffee break

The Jamstack and Your Data

matMathias Biilmann, CEO @ Netlify


danielDaniel Norman, Developer Advocate @ Prisma

Expert Speakers


Tom Preston-Werner

Founder @ Redwoodjs


Mathias Biilmann Christensen

CEO @ Netlify


Martina Helene Welander

Education Engineeer @ Prisma


Søren Bramer Schmidt

Co-founder @ Prisma


Brandon Bayer

Creator of Blitz.js


Lee Robinson

Software Engineer @ Hy-Vee


Carmen Berndt

Software Engineer @ Prisma


Émile Fugulin

Backend & DevOps Freelancer


Siddhant Sinha

Software Engineer @ Prisma


Tim Suchanek

Software Engineer @ Prisma


Flavian Desverne

Software Engineer @ Prisma


Daniel Norman

Developer Advocate @ Prisma


Nikolas Burk

Developer Relations @ Prisma


Jason Kuhrt

Software Engineer @ Prisma


Joël Galeran

TypeScript Developer @ Prisma


Marc Stammerjohann

Full-Stack Freelancer


Ahmed Elywa

Full-Stack Developer


Warren Day

Full-Stack Developer