Prisma Day 2021

Prisma Day

Prisma Day is two day event of talks and workshops by members of the Prisma community, on modern application development and databases. Prisma Day 2021 happened on June 29-30th and was entirely online.

June 29-30Online Only

Tuesday, June 29


Watch the workshops which took place for Prisma Day 2021

Hyo Chan Jang
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Nikolas Burk
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Coffee break
Coffee break

Wednesday, June 30


Checkout the amazing talks we had.

Opening Keynote

Søren Bramer Schmidt, CEO at Prisma
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Coffee break
Ricardo Almeida, Émile Fugulin and Vasil Popovski
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Lasse Abelsen, Justin Joseph and Artur Mrozowski
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Coffee break

Events at Prisma

Natalia Woroniec, Prisma
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Coffee break

What's next for Prisma?

Hervé Labas, VP of Product at Prisma
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Coffee break

A great group of


  • Artur Mrozowski

    Artur is a data engineer & architect at Tryg. His motto is: functionality before technology.

  • Carmen Berndt

    Carmen is a Computer Science Master student who worked at Prisma focusing on the code editor extensions streamlining the developer experience. Besides that, she's a horticulture enthusiast and buys at least 3 plants a week.

  • Cassidy Williams

    Cassidy is a Principal Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify. She's active in the developer community, and one of Glamour Magazine's 35 Women Under 35 Changing the Tech Industry and LinkedIn's Top Professionals 35 & Under. She loves mechanical keyboards and karaoke.

  • Chris Ball

    Chris is CTO & Co-Founder at Echobind, a full-service agency specializing in Next.js, React, React Native, GraphQL, and Node. When he's not helping developers grow or creating amazing products for clients, you're likely to find him playing guitar, cycling, or camping.

  • Émile Fugulin

    Emile is a backend and devops freelancer. He helps enterprises build products using the latest practices like GraphQL and Infrastructure as Code. He has been using Prisma 2 in production for almost two years and has been an active member and contributor to the Prisma project and community.

  • Eve Porcello

    Eve Porcello is a software engineer, instructor, author, and co-founder of Moon Highway. Her career started writing technical specifications and creating UX designs for web projects. Since starting Moon Highway in 2012, she has created video content for and LinkedIn Learning and has co-authored Learning React and Learning GraphQL for O'Reilly Media. She is also a frequent conference speaker and has presented at conferences including React Rally, GraphQL Summit, and OSCON.

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