Prisma Day is a one day, single-track conference in Berlin focused on databases and application development.
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Pfefferberg Theatre
Schönhauser Allee 176, Berlin
June 19th, 2019
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Topics Include
Modern Application Development
Explore how managing application data is evolving with data meshes, layers, and platforms.
Database Best Practices
Connect with industry leaders about modern workflows, latest tooling and trends, and the future of databases.
Prisma in Production
Discover how companies use Prisma to increase developer productivity when building data intensive applications.
01 / Event
What is Prisma Day?

The data and application development space is rapidly evolving and developers have access to an expanding array of data tooling to choose from.

Prisma Day will detail the most interesting techniques and tools in the space, as well give the context and background on what exactly makes these new approaches so useful.

Prisma Day, additionally, seeks to offer best practices and practical information across different tools and use-cases.

By bringing together experts in the database field and developers interested in the latest workflows and tooling, Prisma Day will give a deep introduction to modern approaches for managing application data.

Covered Technologies
Prisma Day features a lineup of experienced engineering leaders and experts from across the database and application development space.
Spencer Kimball
CEO & Founder of Cockroach DB
Johannes Schickling
CEO & Founder of Prisma
Guillermo Rauch
CEO & Founder of ZEIT
Evan Weaver
CEO and Founder of Fauna
Siegfried Puchbauer
Principal Software Engineer at Splunk
Vittorio Adamo
Software Engineer at adidas
02 / Speakers

Prisma Day is hosted in the lovely Schankhalle-Pfefferberg theater with an attached brewery and restaurant. The historic building was built in the 19th century and had been, in the past, a beer, bread, and chocolate factory.

Pfefferberg Theatre is in Berlin's central Mitte neighborhood, easily accessible by public transportation.

03 / Venue
Johannes Schickling
Prisma Keynote
Johannes Schickling, CEO at Prisma
25 min
Spencer Kimball
Scaling Databases Globally with CockroachDB
Spencer Kimball, CEO at Cockroach
25 min
Siegfried Puchbauer
Moving Fast with End-to-End Type-Safety
Siegfried Puchbauer, Principal Software Engineer at Splunk
25 min
Coffee Break
Matt Mueller
A Deep Dive into Prisma 2
Matt Mueller, Software Engineer at Prisma
25 min
Guillermo Rauch
Stateful Serverless Applications
Guillermo Rauch, CEO at ZEIT
25 min
Thorsten Schaeff
Next-generation Web Development
Thorsten Schaeff, Integration Engineer at Stripe
25 min
Lunch Break
Vittorio Adamo
adidas with Prisma & GraphQL - Modern Stack in Corporate
Vittorio Adamo, Software Engineer at adidas
25 min
Søren Bramer Schmidt
A Technical Analysis of Databases in 2019
Søren Bramer Schmidt, CTO at Prisma
25 min
Etel Sverdlov
Prisma & GraphQL for Non-Developers
Etel Sverdlov, Community at Prisma
15 min
Coffee Break
Evan Weaver
Serverless Data
Evan Weaver, CEO at Fauna
25 min
Abhi Aiyer
Moving from Sequelize to Prisma Client
Abhi Aiyer, Software Engineer at Gatsby
15 min
Marcus Böhm
Prisma Under the Hood
Marcus Böhm, Software Engineer at Prisma
25 min
Prisma Admin
25 min
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