About the Prisma Data Platform

The Prisma Data Platform (Early Access) provides a collaborative, cloud-based environment supporting application developers who are using Prisma and other open source tools. The main features of the Platform include an online data browser, a query console, a data proxy (purpose-built for Prisma!), and integration with your Prisma schema and databases.

You can access the Prisma Data Platform from cloud.prisma.io.

Current Functionality

In the current version of the platform, you can:

  • Import your existing Prisma project
  • Browse your data using Data Browser and query your database directly with Query Console
  • View your Prisma schema
  • Invite users and assign roles
  • Connect your application to your database from serverless environments using Prisma Data Proxy

User Roles

These roles are currently supported in the Platform:

  • Admin: Can do all possible actions, such as configuring project settings and viewing/editing data
  • Developer: Access the data browser, view and edit data, and view the schema
  • Collaborator: Access the data browser and view and edit data
  • Viewer: Access the data browser and view data

In order to add users, you need to use their GitHub username and they need to have an account in the Platform.

Static IP addresses for usage in allow lists

The Prisma Data Platform supports connecting to databases via static public IP addresses. This enables users to connect their databases to the platform while keeping their databases protected from the public internet.

For more information, refer to our documentation about using static IP addresses.

Prisma Data Proxy

Early Access Feature
Please note that the Prisma Data Proxy is an early-stage product and should not be used in production environments.

Not supported
Interactive Transactions (Preview Feature) are not supported at this time.

The Prisma Data Proxy is an intermediary between your application and your database. It maintains a database connection pool, so you can reliably use traditional databases in serverless environments.

Learn the details about the Prisma Data Proxy in our documention.

Feedback and Support

You can reach us via Intercom on the Prisma Data Platform application. To submit an issue or start a conversation, please sign in and use the Intercom icon in the UI.

For questions and feedback you can also find us on the #prisma-data-platform channel on our public community Slack. If you don't have an account yet, you can join here.

Changelog for Prisma Data Platform

Keep up with the newest features and enhancements in our Changelog.

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