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Prisma turns your database into a powerful GraphQL API which you can either use to build your own GraphQL server or connect to it directly from the frontend. Simply install the Prisma CLI to get started:

npm install -g prisma
Get started with Prisma
  1. Create a new service
    prisma init hello-world
  2. Open
    in your editor to define your data model
  3. Deploy your service
    prisma deploy
  4. Open the GraphQL Playground to explore your data
    prisma playground
To get familar with what you can do with Prisma we recommend the introduction tutorial:
Use Prisma to build a GraphQL Server
Prisma turns your database into a GraphQL API which can be easily integrated into your own GraphQL server. The following tutorials get you up and running with a production-ready GraphQL server setup in just a few minutes.

Reference example projects

Choose your technology to get a quickstart that will blow off your face in 5 minutes.

How to import your data
To migrate from another system, you can import your existing data into Prisma.