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Tutorials are quick tutorials that walk you through practical examples and demonstrate concrete features of Prisma.

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Prisma Basics

Learn how to generate a GraphQL API for your database with Prisma. This tutorial series includes the very first steps of installing the Prisma CLI, defining and updating your data model as well as working with the API.

3 Guides

GraphQL Server Development

Prisma is used as the foundation for building GraphQL servers. Learn everything you need to know about building and deploying GraphQL server with Prisma in this tutorial series.

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It is a common use case that developers need to import data from an existing data source into a Prisma service. This tutorial series provides practical guidance for how this can be done.

5 Guides

Cluster Deployment

There are a variety of options for deploying your Prisma service. This tutorial series contains practical guides for deploying to local clusters as well as using cloud providers such as Digital Ocean and more.