Turn your database into a GraphQL API

Prisma is a realtime GraphQL database layer. Connect directly from the frontend or build your own GraphQL server.

Compatible with existing tooling

GraphQL has a vast ecosystem of tools and libraries. Prisma works with them all

Powerful GraphQL API

Includes filters, transactional mutation and realtime subscriptions

Runs everywhere

As a Cloud Native application Prisma can be deployed to your infrastructure

How it works

Prisma drastically simplifies the implementation of your GraphQL resolver functions.
Define your data model using GraphQL SDL
Prisma creates your database GraphQL API
Build your own
GraphQL Server

A radically improved developer experience 🌟

Reducing complexity and development time for frontend and backend developers.


Building GraphQL servers with Prisma

GraphQL is a standard for data fetching with a rich ecosystem of tools and libraries for client-side development. With Prisma you can take advantage of this same ecosystem in your server code.
  • Manually inspect selection set or risk overfetching
  • Data fetching logic pollutes domain logic
  • Risk of SQL injection attacks
... but with Prisma
  • Optimal selection set is created automatically
  • Blazing fast queries using Prisma’s query engine
  • Type safe query DSL eliminates runtime errors

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Trusted by more than 50.000 developers
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