High performance database access

The Prisma CRUD API guides developers towards writing more performant code by encouraging good patterns. Prisma's query engine transforms incoming queries for optimal performance.

Consistent performance under load

Prisma is designed to have good tail latency and predictable performance under high load.

This enables you to automatically scale out Prisma in response to increased load before application performance is impacted.


Optimized queries for high

Prisma performs extensive analysis of every incoming query and dynamically transforms the query to take advantage of the fastest database primitives.

  • Dynamic query optimization
  • Turns slow queries into small fast lookups

Built-in dataloader
for high throughput

Databases are complex pieces of engineering. Prisma monitors and adapts to the current performance characteristics and will adjust concurrency and batch size to achieve maximal throughput.

  • Automatically applies the data loader pattern
  • Optimised for throughput

Query efficiently across
multiple databases

Connect multiple databases and let Prisma do the heavy lifting. With user data stored in Postgres and messages in Cassandra Coming Soon , you can write a single query to retrieve the top 5 ranked users in a city and their 10 latest messages.

  • Query data from multiple databases
  • Single API for all your data

Getting Started with Prisma

Follow the quickstart to explore Prisma on your own machine