Add programms to prisma image


I want to add Google Chrome to the docker image of prisma, how should I do this when I initialized prisma with a docker compose file?
Forgive me please, I am currently not that familiar with docker.

The solution that I have in mind is to run the image and install chrome by stepping into the image. But are there better ways to achieve this? Anyway I would like to know how do I get my current image (local) to my server?


Yes, will have to install it by yourself in a custom Docker image

FROM prismagraphql/prisma:1.28
# this is for PRISMA_CONFIG
COPY config.yml prisma.yml
# install chrome here



Thanks for your help, But I dont know how to Add postgresql the?
Could you Tell me the Full process please?


Postgres will be separate


So to sum up, that would mean I have to create a custom docker image.
After modifying the image to my needs, I have to host the image in my repository
and on my server i dont pull the default prisma image in my docker compose file, I
pull my modified image?

Are my assumptions right?


yes, you will need to host it on something like dockerhub