Can not deploy to a service stage while there is a deployment in progress... except there isn't one



When I run docker-compose up -d, wait a little to give Prisma the time to start and then run prisma deploy, I get the following error:

ERROR: You can not deploy to a service stage while there is a deployment in progress or a pending deployment scheduled already. Please try again after the deployment finished.

But there isn’t, and cannot be, another deployment in progress, since I just restarted the container from scratch… Please advise.

EDIT: Also, somebody already asked about this error on SO, but there’s no response there, perhaps you guys might want to chime in…


Hi @jahudka

This happens when there is an unapplied migration in the management schema.

To resolve this(I am assuming you are using postgres connector, procedure is similar for other databases):

  1. Connect to your database using a GUI(like
  2. Change your database schema to management schema
  3. Goto the migration table
  4. Delete the last row

Then try to redeploy your service.


Thanks, that did the job. Now deploy is failing because Prisma doesn’t support Postgres timestamptz columns, but that’s another battle.


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