Cannot log in to Prisma Console


If I try to login to the prisma console using git hub like I have before, the error “Network error: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0” appears in a red box. If I type prisma login on the command line, it looks like this:

. It seems like too many requests have been made? I had two machines with the same code that pointed to two different endpoints, one of which was I think mis-configured, when I was trying to set one up with docker. I really just want to be able to switch between dev and prod endpoints but not sure how to manage this or reset whatever is erroring so I can log in. Any help appreciated

Prisma Command Line Login Error

I’m getting the same issue and I haven’t been using prisma in the last 12 hours


UPDATE: Now it’s working. Went to sleep, woke up, went to a thrift store, came home, booted up the old browser, tried again, and lo and behold no more problems. I had killed the process docker was trying to run on port 4466 last night so maybe that helped idk, but for anyone else encountering a similar issue, I’d suggest try again later


You are using VSCode GraphQL extension by Prisma, that had the issue (with version 0.1.6), can you confirm? Updating that to 0.1.7 should fix it for you.

0.1.6 was sending a lot of requests to our servers and your IP got blocked.

Please share your IP address with me for me to unblock it.
If you still run into issues afterwards please DM me (on slack, my handle is divyenduz).


Im also having this issue, Im using just ordinary bash and getting the 403 issue. Unsure what I can do next.