Can't deploy to a demo server + MySQL database anymore



I have an issue trying to deploy to an existing Prisma server (demo server + MySQL database).

Everything was working fine until I changed some fields in my datamodel.prisma file. I don’t know why, but the prisma deploy command would not apply these changes on the server. So I removed the generated code and deleted the endpoint from the server in order to recreate everything but to no avail.

I can’t use ‘prisma deploy’ anymore. I can choose the first option ‘Or deploy to an existing Prisma server: Demo server + MySQL database’ but then when I have to select the region of the demo server, the CLI just freezes.
I tried to create a new project from scratch but I still have the same issue. And I couldn’t find anything on google.

Any insight would be welcome.


I just asked a similar question. Hopefully someone will answer this.


Yeah I’m getting the same issue, I wonder if they have an outage? I didn’t see anything on Twitter.


Resolved using prisma@1.24 instead of current 1.34


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