Deleting a record with a list field of scalar values always returns empty array



I’m trying to build a simple application that has an Item model which looks like this:

type Item {
    id: ID! @unique
    name: String!
    description: String
    price: Float!
    quantity: Int! @default(value: "1")
    images: [String!]!

As per the docs, deleting an item object from the database through the Prisma client, should delete it and return all the scalar fields. But when I try to do that, it does not return the correct value for images field. That field always returns an empty list [], even if the object itself had a non-empty list.

Code snippets:

const item = {
    name: 'Some item',
    description: 'Some description',
    price: 273.0,
    quantity: 20,
    images: [

const { id } = await prisma.createItem({ ...item, images: { set: item.images } })

const itemInDb = await prisma.item({ id })
console.log(itemInDb.images) // prints "['http://...', 'http://....', 'http://....']"

const deletedItem = await prisma.deleteItem({ id })
console.log(deletedItem.images) //  prints "[]"

Hence, I’m wondering: is this the intended behavior, or is it a bug? Is there anyway that I could get the entire list of images while doing the delete operation, and without doing a lookup for the item first?


Hi @mohitsakhuja

This is indeed a bug, can you please report this on github:



Thanks @pantharshit00 for replying and opening the issue. But from Matthias’ reply over on GitHub, it’s the intended behavior for now, right?


Yes, for now this is necessary to improve speeds


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