Error: "[Object: null prototype]" appears before each node returned in queries from NodeJS


The API is running in a composed docker environment, with the following services:

  • server (contains the api that uses prisma-binding, the container is built from NodeJS 10.15.0-slim image from docker-hub)

  • database (its the mysql:5.7 image from docker-hub)

  • prisma (its the prismagraphql/prisma:1.25 image from docker-hub)

  • redis.

This composed environment is running under a MBP Retina 2015 with macOS Mojave.

The problem

Each time I query something from the database in the playground the response comes as expected, example:

But, each time I query something from NodeJS the response I get is this (im asking for the extra property of devices that’s defined in the User type):

[Object: null prototype] {
  id: 'cjr83f6nw009q079072jjudiw',
  devices: [ [Object: null prototype] { deviceId: '1234' } ] 

And that’s pretty much the problem. I’ve worked with the prisma binding before in NodeJS and I have never had this problem.

I’m working with the latest version of prisma-binding: 2.2.14.


I too have this problem. Attempting to access specific data through the NodeJS query is a problem with the [Object: null prototype]

So far I am still searching for answers.


We had this problem. We were looking to query a service object in the database that had a price on it. However, we accidentally queried “services” (instead of “service”) which gave us an array of prices (with only one price) like so [ [Object: null prototype] { price: 9.99 } ]

This was caused by a bad query.

Once we changed the query to “service” (instead of “services”) the data came back as expected without the null prototype.


This still seems to be a problem - correct query but every object is [Object: null prototype]



Can you please share a reproduction of this problem?


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