Extend query using the UserFilter and got Relations are currently not supported



When I try to extend the query to include a new query function which use the UserFilter, I got:
Relations are currently not supported

Here is my hello.graphql

type aggs @model {
name: Json!
id: Json!
dateOfBirth: Json!

extend type Query {
filter: UserFilter!
): aggs!

To work around the problem, I need to make the filter to Json!
Ami I missing something here.



Are you using the mongoDB connector? If so then you should use the 1.24-beta image as relational filters are currently in beta for the mongo connector.


@pantharshit00. I am new with graphcool and was just trying to extend the quickstart (hello-world)
by editing the src/hello.graphql
and I hit the roadblock when “graphcool deploy” with the graphql schema I mentioned above.
I don’t think I am using the prisma mongoDB connector.
I google around and seems like nobody mention such issue.
Perhaps I have missed something here.


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