Get count of items between T0 and T1



I’m working on a small app, Point-of-Sale type, and I need the ability to create monthly sales reports, basically, a list with all items sold during a month and their quantity.

In my datamodel I have a type Order that has an array of type OrderItem.

type OrderItem {
id: ID! @unique
title: String
price: Int!
deletedAt: DateTime
quantity: Int! @default(value: 1)
user: User

type Order {
id: ID! @unique
items: [OrderItem!]!
total: Int!
user: User!
createdAt: DateTime!
updatedAt: DateTime!

I’m able to get all monthly sales by querying orders:

query {
    where: {
      AND: [
        { createdAt_gte: "2019-01-01" }
        { createdAt_lte: "2019-01-31" }
    orderBy: createdAt_ASC
  ) {
    items {

But I’m not sure how to get a list of OrderItems and their total quantities. What would be the right way to do this using prisma/graphql?



You can use aggregations for this:

That way you can get a total count for these things


Thanks, I managed to do what I wanted by using aggregations, like you suggested.

I ended up doing two queries: first, I query all items, and return their title and id. Then, in the second query I use as variables the item title, a start and end date which allowed me to return the orderItemsConnection.aggregate.count for each item, exactly as I wanted.