Help needed with a tutorial - it is not updated to latest CLI options I suspect



Hi there,

I’m new to prisma and going through a tutorial trying to deploy a prisma server to digitalocean using docker-machine:

In Section 14 it asks me to choose the Minimal setup: database-only option from the interactive prompt.

I’ve updated the Latest CLI version is currently 1.9.0
prisma init doesn’t offer you this option.
It does offer:

Set up a new Prisma server for local development (based on docker-compose)

  • Use existing database - Connect to an existing database
  • Create new database - Set up a local database using Docker

Or deploy to an existing Prisma server

  • Demo server - Hosted demo environment incl. database (requires login)
  • Use other server - Manually provide endpoint of a running Prisma server

Since this tutorial is about deploying a prisma server on digitalocean I ruled out the first section of “local development” and since I’m not about deploying to the demo cloud in this tutorial but to the digitalocean droplet this tutorial guids you to build - I chose the last option…
As you guessed I did not succeed to deploy to digitalocean even though I followed all of the steps carefully afterwards.

Did I choose the wrong option?
Did anyone here complete this tutorial successfully?

Eventually - when I run prisma deploy it throws an error saying

Could not connect to server at http://xx.xx.xx.xx:4466. Please check if your server is running.

Guess what - it is running… it shows on my digitalocean droplets list as running and docker-machine displays it on docker-machine ls

Any ideas what to do next??


Facing same problem by following this link Setup a Prisma server by connecting your empty MySQL database. Is there anyone to help?


Same problem here also for me. Any help?


I was getting this error in my local machine. To fixed, I needed install Docker as well, then, init prisma, create a new database and deploy it. I follow this tutorial


I just started the server by following
(also installing docker)
and everything works afterwards