Heroku Postgres Backup


Hi everyone

I have a Heroku Postgres Standard 0 database with Prisma Cloud integration.

I’m aware that the Heroku dashboard manual backup, doesn’t contain the actual site (user generated) data. We download this with Primsa Export through the Primsa CLI.

My question is, does the automatic Heroku Postgres ‘Continuous Protection & Postgres Rollbacks’ backup our actual site (user generated) data and not just the Prisma Integration layer data, like with the manual backup?

If the ’ Continuous Protection & Postgres Rollbacks’ is not backing up the actual site (user generated) data, then what are my options for a regular, automatic back up?

Your time and help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you



I think you can use feature built into heroku for this https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/heroku-postgres-backups

Also, don’t worry about prisma as the meta data which prisma stores in the DB also gets backup this way