How generate a large expiration token



I have been looking for how generate a token customizing the expiration date on the documentation and I can’t see anything about. I don’t want to have my prisma server without protection but I want to generate a token with large expiration because only it is going to serve from a proxy server not for the clients directly. How can I do it?




You can generate the JSON Web token manually. Sign it with the service secret.

Here are more detailed instructions:


Hi @pantharshit00 , thanks!

But I can’t see any about how modify the expiration date, in the prisma token there aren’t extra options to can do it. Am I missing something?

Thanks again!


Just change the exp field or completely removed it


Doesn’t work. I have tried to remove exp property and change it duration with JWT Debugger Chrome Extension, and it returns me an invalid token error.

  "errors": [
      "message": "Your token is invalid. It might have expired or you might be using a token from a different project.",
      "code": 3015,
      "requestId": "local:cjruewhxv001l0710waj2b8pb"

How did you do it?




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