How i can get all links with their user in prisma client?


I’m trying to query all links with the name of the user who posted it.
here is my link type and relation to the user

type Link {
id: ID! @unique
createdAt: DateTime!
description: String!
url: String!
postedBy: User

in my resolver i have

allLinks = async (parent,args,ctx) => {
    return await ctx.prisma.links();


Hey @ahrbil

you can get all links including the user who posted them using the $fragment API:

  fragment LinksWithUser on Link {
    postedBy {

However, it seems like you want to use the Prisma client inside your own resolver in which case should implement the type resolvers for User and Link to resolve your relations:

const resolvers = {
  Query: {
    // ...
  Mutation: {
    // ...
  User: {
    links: (parent, args, ctx) => {
      return ctx.prisma.user({id:}).links()
  Link: {
    postedBy: (parent, args, ctx) => {

Find more info here :slight_smile:


thank you so much @nikolas for your response
I have another question about the performance of using the second solution because now I will be making one more request to the database instead if I use fragment the relation will resolve in one request is that right?
thank you again


You don’t need to worry about performance. The Prisma client comes with a built-in dataloader, which means its requests will be batched. The two calls to the Prisma API end up being a single HTTP request :slight_smile:


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