How to add "OR" to prisma nodejs ? I don't have it in prisma



Hi! In prisma nodejs - I don’t have “OR”


but here I HAVE “OR”

Can you help me
How to add “OR” to prisma?

that why that code didn’t work

where: {
    OR: [
        title_contains: 'graphql',
        title_contains: 'prisma',
    createdAt_gt: '2018',
    createdAt_lt: '2020',


did you solve it? Im having the same issue. Im trying to create a search toolbar but use just one where argument is useless.


No! I did’n solve it :disappointed:


I already solved it with the help of harshit. You just need to change your database because it doesnt works with mongo


Thanks, but I can’t change database


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