It is worth investigating the set up CI/CD of a Prisma service to a Kubernetes production environment?


Am I wasting my time and effort researching how to deploying Prisma to production environment today when the Prisma website states it intends to support ‘Integrated CI/CD for migrations’ under The exciting future of Prisma Migrate?

I am at a point in my project where I want to start flushing out the deployment process to production for a backend using Prisma. I ideally want to set up a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment workflow hosted on a Kubernetes Cluster with a team utilizing something like GitFlow. One specific area where I could use some guidance is wrapping my brain around schema changes for the live production database. As I am a lone developer prototyping a personal project; I don’t want to throw away a bunch of time and effort setting up a temporary CI/CD process that will just be trashed in a couple of months.


It looks like Prisma 2 and Lift is where the next gen Migration stuff is happening.


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