New courses or tutorials about prisma?



Hello :slight_smile:

Do you know about some content even paid to learn more about Prisma, GraphQL and why not, Nexus xD ?.
I check the docs, examples and official tutorials but I just need a different thing, something more real, like deployments, connections to vue, android, react apps…If you know some good examples on github or some great courses please share it, I want to learn more of this tools.



I can share some resources I used.
I started on It’s good to get a basic understanding and some examples with Node, React, Vue etc.
Then I did an amazing course on Udemy
A great course to learn a how to use GraphQL in Node, the course will teach you Prisma.
For the front-end connection I really like Apollo Client. I use Vue Apollo
Personally after the first website and the course I think the documentation on Apollo and Vue apollo are really clear.

I hope this is of any use. Good luck.


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