Prisma Console - Services Unusable due to 502 Bad Gateway


I am unable to access Services in the Prisma Console lately. When I monitor the Network tab, I see that after a long delay there is a 502 Bad Gateway response, but Prisma Console continues to display the loading animation indefinitely. Anyone have any idea how I might resolve this? I am able to access Servers and see Service status from there, but cannot access the Service information directly to, for instance, work with the data.


I found that there were numerous issues with the service, which was unreachable. This was due to some configuration errors on my part, namely I had dropped the database instead of used heroku pg:reset. Once I resolved those issues I was able to use prisma deploy to my prod environment again and the Services page started loading again as the service was now reachable.


I am glad that you were able to sort it out. Feel free to reach out again for any other issue