Prisma generate does not provide a set method for non-scalar types


I noticed when I generate my prisma bindings there is no “set” method for arrays of non-scalar types, but when I use prisma generate too generate my graphQL bindings it does include a set method. Why the disconnect?

The set method is defined in the schema, but is not present in the playground when I connect to port 4466, but is in the playground when I connect to port 4000, why is it not presented?

prisma/1.26.3 (linux-x64) node-v10.15.1

input ElementInstanceUpdateManyInput {
  create: [ElementInstanceCreateInput!]
  update: [ElementInstanceUpdateWithWhereUniqueNestedInput!]
  upsert: [ElementInstanceUpsertWithWhereUniqueNestedInput!]
  delete: [ElementInstanceWhereUniqueInput!]
  connect: [ElementInstanceWhereUniqueInput!]
  **set: [ElementInstanceWhereUniqueInput!]**
  disconnect: [ElementInstanceWhereUniqueInput!]
  deleteMany: [ElementInstanceScalarWhereInput!]
  updateMany: [ElementInstanceUpdateManyWithWhereNestedInput!]

Prisma: using set on relationship

We are aware of this.


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