Prisma stops responding when adding new records


Whenever I click Add New Record, and I start to enter in data, the UI will freeze for a second, then continue. However, certain elements of the UI will no longer function. I cannot select boolean values, only type them in manually, and when I click Save to Database, nothing happens. I don’t see any errors in my docker containers, I also don’t see any errors in my browser console, or any erroneous responses under the network tab of my browser.

When I click discard after this, the panel does not disappear, and queries will no longer load. The only way to restore query functionality is then to ctrl+r the page and try again, which from my testing, results in the exact same behavior in Chrome, and FireFox.

Prisma: 1.30.1
Chrome: 73.0.3683.103

Please let me know if there is any other information I can supply to help.


Hi @Flash619

Can you please try clearing your localStorage and give this another shot.

If the problem still persists, do let me know.


Hi @pantharshit00

I tried to clear local storage but have the same issue. I’m going to try updating to 31-beta and see if that helps.



Same issue in 31-beta when using Chrome / Firefox.



Just wanted to let you know, I double checked my versions. Everything is at 1.31-beta and I have the prototype flag set for Datamodel 1.1.

Do you have any other ideas? I’m really not sure why this isn’t working. :thinking:


Oh you are using 1.1 . We have some issues support in the UI as it under prototype flag, we will improve this overtime. Use the playground for now