React admin and prisma authentication problems


Hi, I’m currently trying to set up a project with Prisma, yoga, and react-admin.

At the moment I have the Prisma secret available at yoga and the goal is to make react-admin ask yoga for a Prisma signed token during authentication. This token will then be used by react-admin to query Prisma using the open-crud data adapter. The problem is that somehow (and I couldn’t disable this) react-admin always go for an introspection query before asking for authorization. This makes react-admin crash and no further authentication will be asked. Can the introspection authentication be disabled?


Hi @dpereira411

Currently there is no way to disable this introspection authentication.

Can you please share some parts of the code that is initing the apollo client for prisma api? Maybe you can create the http-link after you grab the token.


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