Reason: 'createdAt' Expected non-null value, found null


I’m having the same issue, althought I wrote correct field name: createdAt. Here is my datamodel.prisma:

type Link {
  id: ID! @id
  createdAt: DateTime!
  updatedAt: DateTime!
  description: String!
  url: String!

My mutation:

mutation {
    url: ""
    description: "Prisma replaces traditional ORMs"
  ) {

Prisma version: 1.28.0


  "data": null,
  "errors": [
      "message": "Variable '$data' expected value of type 'LinkCreateInput!' but got: {\"url\":\"\",\"description\":\"Prisma replaces traditional ORMs\"}. Reason: 'createdAt' Expected non-null value, found null. (line 1, column 11):\nmutation ($data: LinkCreateInput!) {\n          ^",
      "locations": [
          "line": 2,
          "column": 3
      "path": [

Please help me!




We need the directives of CreatedAt and UpdatedAt. Here for example in datamodel.prisma:

type User {
  id: ID! @id
  name: String!
  email: String! @unique
  createdAt: DateTime! @createdAt
  updatedAt: DateTime! @updatedAt


Thanks for your help! It solved my problem.


You’re welcome. You could mark my answer as solved. So other can see that this thread is solved. Thanks.


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