Set mysql collation when deploying?


How can I tell Prisma to use a specific collation on the tables that are generated by prisma deploy?

I am using docker and mysql as described in the “New database” part of the Getting started documentation. With the default settings, running “prisma deploy” will generate tables with the utf8mb4_unicode_ci collation. I would like to use utf8mb4_danish_ci instead.

I can set the server collation for the mysql container in docker-compose.yml, but this has no effect on the tables generated by prisma deploy.

(There is one exception: there is a table called _RelayId that by default uses the latin1_swedish_ci collation. If I specify utf8mb4_danish_ci as the server collation when creating the mysql container, that collation is used for this particular table - but none of the others).

I can change the collation after deploying using sql, but is that really necessary?


Has anyone successfully changed the collation of a Prisma deployment?


Hi @trisager

This looks like a potential feature. Would you mind creating a feature request for it here:


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