Unhandled GraphQL subscription error



This is a stupid question but I am blocked right now and I need some help please.

I’m trying to expand the tutorial adding some new features, basically I added a new Type called Image and I want to do a subscription when a new one is created link in Link in the tutorial, I am almost copying and pasting everything to understand better how this technology works but i have this error message

Can you please help me?

Unhandled GraphQL subscription error Error: "GraphQL error: Cannot query field "node" on type "Image". Did you mean "name"?"

Server code:

Client Code:


Hi @RecoX

Are you still facing this issue? I am unable to find where you are making this query in you frontend so please link it. Also,. from the error message it looks like you are querying the wrong things so please use the playground to make a proper subscription that works according to your datamodel.


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