Using prisma for managing databases with dynamic datamodels



Hi all!

I’m currently researching for a new database solution and I want to know if prisma may be a choice for this solution.

My use case is that I have a database (e.g. MongoDB or PostgreSQL) which doesn’t have a static schema. The frontend user should be able to add, modify and delete tables and work with them afterwards. As far as I know, the schema is saved in the prisma datamodel file, which should be deployed after changes in the schema. Is there a way to deploy changes in the schema directly via the GraphQL API? Also, is it possible to handle CRUD operations and subscriptions for data changes in a generic way for this case?
Or is using prisma not the right approach for this use case?

I would be thankful for suggestions.



You can trigger an deployment via the prisma management API.

If the schema update is not very very frequent I think you can easily use prisma here.


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