Building database microservices with Prisma

Prisma makes it easy to build an architecture based on database microservices. Databases are automatically turned into services that provide easy data access and can be consumed via presentation services or an API gateway.

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Why use Prisma for your microservice architecture?

Prisma is an extremely flexible tool that turns your database into services to be consumed via the Prisma client. This makes it easy to implement service-oriented architectures.

Supports OpenAPI, gRPC, Thrift

Prisma can be used in combination with a variety of other technologies that are commonly used for building microservice architectures.

Auto-generated DB service & client

Prisma auto-generates services for your databases to be accessed via HTTP. The Prisma client is used to consume these services.

Built for cloud-native infrastructure

Prisma can be run in container-based environments and is perfectly suited for the cloud-native and serverless era.

Data Access Features

Seamless JOIN & Relation API
Raw Database Access
Powerful Filter API
Supports SQL & NoSQL DBs
Declarative Nested Writes
Realtime Event System
Connection Pooling
Advanced Pagination