Build a GraphQL server with any database

Prisma bridges the gap between your database and GraphQL resolvers. It replaces traditional ORMs and makes it easy to implement resilient, production-ready GraphQL servers.

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Try out a live example...

The CodeSandbox example implements a GraphQL server that’s using Prisma for data access. Explore the project files and check out the resolver implementation to learn how Prisma is used.

Why use Prisma for your GraphQL server?

Prisma offers many features enabling you to quickly build high-performance GraphQL servers. Next to its powerful query engine and API, Prisma especially shines when it comes to developer experience.

Out-of-the-box CRUD operations

Prisma removes the need to manually write boilerplate for CRUD operations. Focus on features instead of doing repetitive work.

High-performance query resolution

Prisma client has a built-in dataloader, solving the N+1 problem and ensuring the Prisma API is queried efficiently.

GraphQL subscriptions

Easily add realtime features to your API by implementing GraphQL subscriptions with Prisma's realtime layer for your database.

Compatible with GraphQL ecosystem

Prisma is 100% compatible with the GraphQL & Apollo ecosystem: It works with Apollo Server, Apollo Client and Apollo Engine.

Type-safe resolvers

With Prisma, you’re building applications that are based on a coherent set of types, from the database to your frontend application.

Relay-style pagination

The Relay connection model is a powerful way to expose pagination in a GraphQL API. It is supported by Prisma out-of-the-box.

Data Access Features

Seamless JOIN & Relation API
Raw Database Access
Powerful Filter API
Supports SQL & NoSQL DBs
Declarative Nested Writes
Realtime Event System
Connection Pooling
Advanced Pagination

Get started with GraphQL & Prisma

GraphQL Server with Prisma

Explore the implementation of a simple GraphQL server based on Prisma and GraphQL Yoga.

GraphQL Server Quickstart Tutorial

Learn how Prisma helps you when building a GraphQL server from scratch or with a legacy database.

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