November 25, 2022

Try Prisma: The Fastest Way to Explore Prisma Examples

We are very excited to announce our new CLI utility, try-prisma. This tool allows you to easily set up an official Prisma example project from the prisma-examples repository locally with a single command: npx try-prisma.

Try Prisma: The Fastest Way to Explore Prisma Examples

Announcing try-prisma

Here at Prisma, our goal is to make your lives as developers easier. Today, we are very excited to announce the release of our new tool that does just that: try-prisma.

For a while now, we at Prisma have maintained our prisma-examples repository with up to date, ready-to-go projects using Prisma. The intent for these projects is to allow users to experience what Prisma would be like in their new stack while evaluating technologies.

The process to set up one of these example projects, however, has been a very manual one, not providing the best developer experience we could provide. try-prisma fixes this by allowing you to run a single command to set up any example project you want to try!

Embracing hands-on exploration

As developers, we love to jump in and get our hands dirty when evaluating a new project or set of tools. With try-prisma, going from zero to experimentation is as simple as running a single command:

The starter projects available typically include:

  • A fully configured and ready-to-go application in the selected stack
  • A detailed README with instructions on how to use the project
  • Prisma set up and configured with a starter schema
  • A seed script to populate your test database

These projects allow you to skip the steps where you have to learn how all the little pieces of your stack work together, allowing you to jump right in and begin experimenting.

The prisma-examples repository

The try-prisma CLI tool gives you easy access to the projects available in the prisma-examples repository.

This repository contains an assortment of projects using different technologies that are organized into various folders based on the technolgies used.

A few examples include:

Built on your suggestions

The prisma-examples repository is a resource for the community that includes examples of various technologies in use with Prisma.

We love receiving feedback and encourage you to submit suggestions for new example projects or enhancements for existing projects.

If you have any technologies you would like to see added to our library of examples or would like to submit a suggestion for an existing project, feel free to suggest it by clicking the respective link below:

Alternatively, you may submit a pull request to the prisma-examples repository with your own example project or revisions following the Contribution Guidelines.

These suggestions will be closely monitored and acted upon by the Developer Advocate team here at Prisma.

Try it out!

Sound exciting? Give it a try!

To get started, head over to your terminal and run the following command:

You will be walked through a series of questions about which project you would like to use, where it should be installed, and how it should be configured:

Open up the new project and head to the README for information on how to start experimenting!

If you are curious about all of the options available via the CLI, head over to the try-prisma repository and check out the README.

If you run into any issues, feel free to leave an issue in the repository's issues tab.

We hope you'll give try-prisma a try and that it improves your experience when testing out new tools!

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